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Ad Campaign: Louis Feraud 1969


The following images are scanned from FASHION magazine, May 1969. Please contact me if you wish to use images or content from this blog. Thank you.

Top international models salute the great Louis Feraud at Rembrandt.

Your Terylene fashions are wonderful!’

Louis Feraud at Rembrandt

Louis Feraud at Rembrandt, May 1969

Louis Feraud at Rembrandt shows inimitable styling in ‘Terylene’

Louis Feraud at Rembrandt

Louis Feraud in crisp ‘Terylene’/linen.

Top models see London in Louis Feraud Style.

Showing young fashion thoughts in new Paris-inspired suits, coats and dresses. In crisp ‘Terylene’/linen.

Here you see them yellow, beautifully trimmed with sparkling bright white. But they come in other colours, too – certain to stand way out from the crowd.

That’s the beauty of master-minded fashion for you. Great shapes that are for keeps – thanks to the impeccable qualities of this ace fashion fibre.

Today’s young models have got the message. Buy British fashion in ‘Terylene’. By Louis Feraud at Rembrandt.

Then you really have got something to boast about!

Terylene (generic name polyester) was the first wholly synthetic fibre invented in Britain. It was created by the chemist J R Whinfield of Accrington in 1941. In 1942 the rights were sold to ICI (DuPont in the USA, where it is called Dacron) and bulk production began in 1955. Since 1970 it has been the most widely produced synthetic fibre.

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  1. 23/01/2013 3:23 pm

    So interesting. I’m always interested in how the names of synthetic fibers differ here in the States and in the UK.

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